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We are the Brotherhood, Our Mystery and Magick will always speak for itself.

  The Brotherhood has existed from the earliest of times under many different names. Originally, we have been called the Brotherhood of Darkness & Shadows. We are a Brotherhood of the Serpent and we are the very first known Secret Society. The lineage of the Brotherhood in its present incarnation comes from a Highly Secretive Satanic movement that was called among the Dark Elders, the Dark Brotherhood or more simply "The Brotherhood" . We owe allegiance to no one, nor do we seek acceptance from any other existing Satanist Organization or persons that claim to be Satanists. Our very roots are Ancient in origin returning back to the early dark Pagan Demon Worshipping Cultures. We believe in Satan as a very real entity and we are in the mainstream Generational, and most Traditional by nature.
We still Maintain our Secrecy including our Memberships and those of our Families. If you seek proof of our heredity, you can move on because we Will Not betray our oaths of secrecy and trust of our Families. If that is a problem for You Simply Do Not Join.

Comment from a Brotherhood member...
"The Brotherhood is a True family which I had been searching for most of my life! The Brotherhood Welcomes Satanists, Kabalists, Dark Pagans and other Left Hand Path Occultists which really surprised me" -Brother John

Comment from another Brotherhood member...
"The rituals for the most part I can summarize from personal experience. They are indeed the most authentic of their kind. And very Old in style and structure. They tap into a deep Demonic pulse that seems to be right below the surface. They do not in no way promote the doubt and difficulty of the more publicly consumed Rituals. Ones especially in the Grand Grimoire and other Goetic text. They are riddled with impunity and disrespect. And are damaging to the soul. As I have discovered this on my own when I was in the dabbling stage of Satanic researching. The Satanic Rituals of the Brotherhood are for the true believers. Those who dare and are fearless to the unseen forces that embody them so fantastically. I can also say that as I am just on the beginning path here.
I have discovered many unreal realities. And have yet to discover more than my mind can comprehend. The Satanic Rituals of the Brotherhood are electrically charged. And those who dabble or who are unworthy should treat these sacred dark rites as they would happen upon a chain link fence that reads....Danger - High Voltage. "
- Brother Initiate Wayne.

  Many of the past as well as our present hierarchy are also members of other known Secret Societies and we are in no way wanting to be public about our identities or our private and secretive activities unless we have been authorized as spokespeople that network to bring us to the world for the many looking and seeking to find us. We demand respect of ourselves, other Brotherhood members, and the Satanic Illuminati Council which oversees the activities of the Brotherhood as it always has since the beginning of time.

  The Brotherhood of Satan is made up of those most dedicated to Satan and those that truly hold the Wisdom of Satan within their Souls. We are those that know how to keep Secrets entrusted to us. We are also those who know to use the concepts and the principles of Brotherhood between one another. We accept one another with mutual values of respect and understanding knowing that everyone has the Satanic given Right to express themselves. This mutual understanding and respect is what shall bind us eternally as The Brotherhood formed in Wisdom and in Strength. Knowledge used with Wisdom is the Way of the Brotherhood, this is our Way and it is the Way to Power!

Comment from another Brotherhood member...
"Why the brotherhood......Why not the Brotherhood, if Satanas has brought you here then rest assured it is for a purpose indeed, nothing is just or ever a coincidence. The name alone speaks for itself (Brotherhood) unity and accomplishment in unity, because it is always easier with the guidance of others, once you have admitted that you don't know everything and open up your mind to the possibility of mastering your mind as well as yourself only then can you call yourself a master, the brotherhood holds more knowledge than any simple mind could endure or imagine. The gift that Satanas gives from his grace through the brotherhood could never be matched.
Ave Satanas
Ave the Brotherhood"
-Brother Ben

Comment from another Brotherhood member...
"I have never felt so confident and learned so much. It is rare to be in the company of so many knowledgeable, honorable and genuine Satanists who really care about me! I wish every group could be like this!" - Brother Initiate Joe.

  Our Brotherhood Way to Power is expressed in the 13 Laws of the Brotherhood which is our code of ethics and commitment of oneness between each other. We have been throughout our history presented secretly by the Film and Entertainment Industries by Brotherhood members in acting careers, many of which you would know by thier names. In the Music Industry we have been represented by many renown Bands and Musicians. The Brotherhood of Satan is the new Brotherhood generation that is not afraid to embrace our Satanic natures and we believe quite fully that all of the Esoteric and Occult Mysteries are under the direct rule of Satan no matter which way that are presented for public relations. We are real Satanists and we get more done by remaining in the Shadows of Darkness and Secrecy and behind the scenes.

We are quite simply, Hell on Earth.

Comment from another Brotherhood member...
"It's thanks to the Brotherhood members that are active in the forums that these types of debates are possible. I enjoy reading every post in the forums and I must say totally sincerely that is not something that happens often to me. There aren't other places like this one known to me on the internet and I've been quite a while now around cyber space looking around every place I've seen in relation to occult matters.

Thank You for your message, they all give me something to think about.
Rege Satanas!" - Sister Initiate Patricia

 If you seek further information please feel free to visit our PDF Library!

BOS PDF Library

Also as part of our PDF library we have a FAQ which we maintain.

 If you still have unanswered questions that the above information has not addressed, only then feel free to conact us either by email at or by phone at 206-666-6062.

The Brotherhood of Satan
Member At Large Registration Form

We prefer you at least complete the online application even if you plan to submit your payment offline,  However If you wish to submit either your payment or application offline please print out the following PDF Complete the Application and Submit your Payment made payable to "BOS") to the East Coast office of the Brotherhood.

Mail to: Brotherhood East Coast Office - OLMD, 324 Main Street, #1211, Laurel, Maryland 20707 USA

If you plan to submit a paper application also do so after you have completed your online application.

Note: The non-refundable $l96.66 or ($196.66+$6.66 if paid by credit/paypal fee $203.32 total) is for Registration as a Member at Large of the Brotherhood of Satan. Active Members at large may apply for Initiate status, with no additional fee.
Be aware that if you resign your membership in the Brotherhood of Satan, or if your membership is terminated by the Satanic Illuminati Council USA of the Brotherhood of Satan, you will not receive a refund of this fee, and you will be treated as if you never were a member.

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By Checking this box I affirm that I am of Legal age of consent (18 or older) and I attest to the truth and validity of the above information. I further agree to all terms of the BOS as seen here. I further Affirm I have fully read, understood and completely agree to abide by and follow with all my mind, body and soul, both the Our 13 Laws and Our 9 Satanic Statements.
I furthermore promise and swear that I will as further proof of my legal identity,email a photograph of my government issued photo identification to the Guardian of the Brotherhood, (bosguardian at yahoo dot com) whom I will receive an email from upon submission.

I furthermore affirm and commit to submitting payment in full of my registration fee NOW at the time of submitting this application!

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